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Blank keys


Dulico has more than 30 years of experiences in manufacturing of brass blank keys. Dulico is also the manufacturers of  the brass strip, which is input materials for blank keys, so our blank keys are very cost competitive and has high quality. 

Blank key ‘s type:

  • Brass blank key
  • Brass blank key Niken plated
  • Brass blank key Niken plated with keyway


Dulico designs and create the molds by ourself.


Brass strip or sheet C2801, C2680

chemical components

#CodeChemical components (%)Hardness(H)
1C280159 ÷ 62≤0,1≤0,07≤0,05Rest<0,3H/4; H/2; H
2C268064 ÷ 68≤0,05≤0,05≤0,05Còn lại<0,3H/4; H/2; H

Typical products


50  Stamping machine – Japan, Taiwan ( 10 – 260 Ton )
4   Stamping machine with automatic material feeder – Japan